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Our Story

Founder Bob Middleton began his business on a part-time basis while he held a full-time job. When he was 22 years old he heard about some printing equipment in a garage that wasn't being used. Ironically, the equipment was located on Freedom Street. Bob saw this as an opportunity to experience the freedom of working for himself. So he mustered the courage to ask the man if he could use his equipment and to his surprise the man said yes.

With the equipment now available, Bob started printing part-time for 4 years (1956-1960). In 1960 he took the big step and quit his full-time job to be in business full-time for himself. After many hours of hard work in 1963 he built his first building. In the mid 70's he began a pressure sensitive label operation. By 1979 he outgrew his current facilities and built a new building which he moved into the fall of 1979.

After 47 years serving business and industry, Bob decided it was time to retire. In 2003 he sold Middleton Printing to his son, Steve Middleton. Middleton Printing has built its reputation on honesty, hard work, quality and the embracing of new technology. We look forward to serving you. If it can be printed, we can print it.

If It Sticks...We Do It!™


If It Sticks...We Do It!™

This year, 2010, we are celebrating our 50th year in service to business and industry.

We are excited about our past and we look forward to our future and the opportunity to serving you another 50 years!

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